Sources of knowledge and information

List of textbooks dealing with microwave heating (in reversed order of publishing)

M. Lorence and  P. Pesheck, ed.
Development of  packaging and products for microwave ovens. Woodhead Publ. (UK), 2009. – Per O Risman has authored four chapters.
T.V.C.T Chan and  H Reader. Understanding microwave heating cavities.  Artech House, 2000.
A.C. Metaxas. Foundations of electroheat. John Wiley & Sons, 1996.
G. Roussy and J.A. Pearce. Foundations and industrial applications of microwave and radio frequency fields. John Wiley & Sons, 1995.
C. R. Buffler. Microwave cooking and processing. AVI-Van Nostrand Reinhold, 1993.
J. Thuery. Microwaves: Industrial, Scientific and medical applications. Artech House, 1992.
A.C. Metaxas and J.C. Meredith. Industrial microwave heating. IEE (UK), 1983 (reprinted 1988 and 1993)

Choice textbooks, microwave engineering and theory (in order of subjective importance)

It may be noted that all listed books below are 40 to 60 years old. Reasons are that analytical and experimental approaches (rather than numerical methods) then dominated and are needed in microwave heating physics, that such phenomena require basic electromagnetic field theory (but communication microwaves, which flourished later, typically depends more on generalised circuit theory) – and also that textbooks were the main vehicle of information dissemination before the eras of easily accessible conferences (resulting in greater efforts in textbook authoring).    

R.F. Harrington. Time-harmonic electromagnetic fields. McGraw-Hill  Book Co, 1961 (McGraw-Hill classic textbook reissue, 1987).
J.A. Stratton. Electromagnetic theory. McGraw-Hill  Book Co, 1941.
A.F. Harvey. Microwave engineering.  Academic Press, 1963.
S. Ramo. Introduction to microwaves. McGraw-Hill Book Co, 1945.

A sad question: Does literature that is not immediately “googleable” and available via the internet exist at all, in the minds of to-day’s researchers?

Symposia and conference organisers, microwave heating/processing


Scientific journals with significant microwave heating/processing material

Measurement science and technology (by IOP)
J Food Eng (by Elsevier)