P O Risman regularly gives presentations of an overview or commenting character. Some of these are reproduced on this website, generally with a comparatively short duration.


A comment on some issues related to what the current state-of-the-art in microwave heating systems really is or may be is given here

Podium and poster presentations entitled Understanding microwave heating cavities in use today were given by me at the September 2003 AMPERE conference in Loughborough UK. The reasons for my decision to make several basic and previously confidential information items publicly available was firstly that this could now be done. But a keynote speech on the same subject at the previous AMPERE conference in Bayreuth Germany two years earlier, by  Dr. Howard Reader, had astonished me. Even more so, the  book then recently published by him and a co-author, having the same title as I chose for my presentations two years later, had made me still more astonished.

It is now six years since my presentations were given. In my opinion, the material  has had and still has quite an importance for the advancement of heating cavity and applicator design. It is uploaded at Internal R&D (two PDF files). 


An invited article in the AMPERE newsletter was published in April, 2005. The title was  Microwave ovens and some industrial food applications in Northern Europe.  It can be downloaded here (900 kB).