Company Profile
Microtrans was started in 1979 by Per Olov Risman, as a small R&D and consulting company. It is still a one-person company, with his wife Astrid, ably assisting in bookkeeping and other administration. Major clients have been Philips/Whirlpool (microwave ovens, until 1998) and Personal Chemistry (now Biotage, in Sweden, 19982003). From 2003, substantial efforts are devoted to Rismans own microwave systems inventions HERA, HERB and CATS, which are licensed by the EH company. HERA systems are manufactured under EH license for the microwave food processing company MicVac AB and its customers.

Risman is active in the international safety standardisation work for microwave ovens and industrial microwave installations, since many years. This leads to inspection assignments for safety approval and technical function of industrial microwave installations, as well  inspections on behalf of user and insurance companies after incidents and accidents.

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Per Olov Risman at a conference dinner
in the end of the 90s.