P O Risman is inventor or co-inventor to over 50 patent families. Over the years, this has lead to an expertise also in some of the legal and technical aspects of infringements and licensing. He has been an expert witness in about 6 cases in the last 10 years, and his own patent licensing cases are in addition to that. Since his own old patents are involved in some infringement cases, P O Risman is nowadays in an established network with other expert witnesses in microwave heating technology, with whom he has co-operation experience.

Patents are nowadays searchable, and e.g. the sites below are free to use. With (P O) Risman as keyword, lists are generated by clicking on the text to the right of the logos. There are, however, some limitations: old patents are not listed, and some patent applications may not be listed even if they are publicly available.

The search criteria programmed into the USPO link below gives some references to P O Risman which are not his inventions. There are also some "non P O" Risman patents.

The main patent applications on the following inventions can be downloaded from here:

More information on HERB, as well as HERC is provided on request. Click HERB or HERC here to go to microwave movies with some descriptions.

Obtaining EPO and WO patents is a long process. There are presently Swedish patents on HERA and HERB, and on a predecessor to HERA

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Updated 2007 July 07